Palestinian car ram wounded guard and was shot dead

JERUSALEM (AP)-The Israeli Defense Ministry said on Monday that a 16-year-old Palestinian rammed a car into an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank overnight, wounded a security guard, and was shot and killed at the scene. “Neutralization”.

Israeli media reported that the attacker was allegedly killed, while a Foreign Ministry official declined to comment further. Defense Secretary Benny Gantz praised the response of the security forces and wished the guards who have been hospitalized a speedy recovery.

Two days ago, a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank stabbed an Israeli man outside the old city of Jerusalem and tried to stab a border policeman before being shot. Video taken by bystanders showed that after the assailant fell to the ground and prevented medical personnel from approaching him, the police continued to shoot at him.

This shooting is on par with an incident in 2016, when an Israeli soldier was filmed by a camera shooting a wounded Palestinian attacker lying on the ground. The soldier was imprisoned for several months in the case of secession.

The Israeli Ministry of Justice stated that the two police officers involved in Saturday’s shooting were taken for questioning before being released unconditionally. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and other senior officials praised the officers’ response to the attack.

In recent years, Palestinians have committed dozens of stabbings, car crashes and occasional shooting attacks. Most were carried out by individual attackers with no known ties to militant groups. These groups appreciated the attack but did not claim responsibility for the attack.

Human rights groups say Israel sometimes uses excessive force to kill suspected assailants who could have been arrested but would not pose an immediate threat. Israeli officials stated that troops must make immediate decisions in dangerous situations and all such incidents will be investigated.

Israel occupied the West Bank in the 1967 war. The Palestinians want it to become a major part of their future country. The 2.5 million Palestinian residents of the territory live under Israeli military rule and the towns are managed by the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority.

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