Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan promises to arrest factor managers after “lynching”

Pakistani leaders promised on Friday to find and punish those behind the public murders of factory managers who were tortured and burned to death by Islamic thugs in Punjab.

“The heinous attack by a mob on a factory in Sialkot and the life of a Sri Lankan manager is a shameful day for Pakistan. The arrests continue,” Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote on Twitter. “I am monitoring the investigation. There is no doubt that all those responsible will be severely punished by the law.”

After the mob attacked the manager (identified as Sri Lankan national Priyanta Kumara) and accused him of tearing up posters or stickers belonging to him, Mr. Khan promised to firmly support the country’s “Day of Shame”. TLP-an acronym for a far-right Islamic party-then throw them away. Some reports claim that these materials contain verses from the Qur’an.

The video shows that there may be hundreds of men surrounding the man’s burned body and chanting slogans as part of the public killing.

Amnesty International South Asia condemned the incident and called for accountability.

“Amnesty International was deeply shocked by the disturbing incident of the lynching and killing of a Sri Lankan factory manager in Sialkot, allegedly due to accusations of blasphemy,” it wrote on Twitter. “The authorities must immediately conduct an independent, impartial, and prompt investigation and hold the perpetrators accountable. Today’s incident underscores the urgency of correcting the environment that leads to abuse and puts lives at risk.”

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