Overtime losses broke the Capitals team’s first place record

Rear ChicagoPenalty shootout win Washington On Thursday, Blackhawks goalkeeper Marc Andre Fleury began to slide as usual.

Then he remembered that he had forgotten one thing—to be precise, two things—to be thankful.

Fleury slipped back and tapped two goal posts with his stick to acknowledge their role in the game ChicagoOf overtime wins because each WashingtonThe first two shots in the shootout went wide.

“This is a game of inches,” said Washington After the defeat, the head coach Peter Ravellot.

If the loss is normal, no one will blink twice.

After all, the Capitals are one of the best teams in the NHL-ranked first in the Mets, tied for second in the league with 36 points, and as of Sunday afternoon, the NHL has a goal difference of 26 points. second.

However, failure is all too normal.it is WashingtonLost in overtime for the sixth time in as many attempts as possible.

Six overtime. Six losing streak. No other team in the NHL has lost more than 5 games in overtime.

WashingtonThe overtime problem is not a simple solution or explanation.

The problem of evaluating overtime hockey is similar to the reason the league adopted the 3-on-3 format in 2015—the difference. Taking four players from the ice-two from each team-everyone’s actions became more terrifying. A mistake-a mistake that can be eliminated in 5 vs. 5-is more likely to end the game.

However, this is not entirely bad luck.

There is an obvious reason Washington (15-4-6) Poor performance in overtime, his name is Nicklas Backstrom.The team’s best center, Baxstrom, has not played this season, and Washington There are no wingers TJ Oshie and Anthony Mantha for most of this season. These three players, the most important of which is Baxstrom, if healthy, they will all see the ice in overtime.

The 15-year veteran is recovering from a hip injury last season, and his skills as a passer and faceoff are extremely valuable in overtime.

Another reason may be the team’s old lineup and the important time Ravellot played with his old star.Although the team has seen Youth absent due to injury this season, The list is still one of the oldest in the NHL. In fact, coupled with the fact that Ravilet allows Alex Ovechkin and Yevgeny Kuznetsov to spend more than 21 minutes on the ice in each game, the poor performance in overtime can be used Fatigue to explain.

After losing to Detroit in overtime in October, the Red Wings scored after Kuznetsov panting for 90 seconds on the ice and trying to catch up with the defense. Detroit held the ball more than one minute before the winning, 1 minute and 37 seconds of overtime, Kuznetsov was on the ice.

After the loss, center Lars Eller said: “Once people are caught there for more than a minute, now you will feel tired.” “Every second after that, the more tired you are, the more likely you are to commit crimes. Wrong or one second late. Now everyone understands that if you let the other team down, it’s easy to keep the ball. …Finally, the other team gets tired.”

The problem with overtime is not the chance of scoring. During the six overtime periods, the Capitals had 12 shots, while the opponents had 11 shots, 5 of which were the winners of the game.

“We got some opportunities, but we haven’t created enough opportunities,” defenseman John Carlson said on Thursday. “But when we did this, we were not as deadly as we expected.”

Between doom, Baxstrom’s injury, and any other cause of overtime fighting, there is no one more important than the real way to prevent overtime losses: winning in the rules.

Losing Chicago, Washington Keep a goal early in the final stage. But in the second consecutive game- Washington Two days ago, they allowed four third-quarter goals to lose to Florida 5-4-the Capitals led the way in the final 20 minutes.
Washington In three of their six overtime losses, they led the third quarter.

“We just need to tighten it,” center Nick Dodd said on Thursday. “We have to learn how to accurately complete the entire game and complete the game.”

However, when looking at overtime losses, it is still important to see that the glass is half full.

“A point is a point. This is better than zero,” winger Garnett Hathaway said. “But we are a good enough team, we need to fight for two points every night.”

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