‘Operation Mince’ review: Colin Firth and Matthew McFadden star in a true story of WWII espionage

This handsome British production, brilliantly cast and directed by John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love”), gets caught up in the personal lives of those responsible for an elaborate code-name scheme designed to convince Hitler of the Allies The invasion is coming to Greece, not Sicily.

Desperate to mislead the Nazis, the two leaders of the MI6 program, Ewen Montagu (Firth) and Charles Cholmondeley (“successor” Macfadyen plotted to float a corpse with official documents into the hands of the Nazis, hoping they would fall for the trick and leave the coast, where the soldiers would land relatively undefended.

The steps leading up to this are alternately comical and quirky, such as the organizer staring intently at a person who might pass a photo, for their corpse. Montague teams up with a woman in the office, Jean Leslie (Kelly MacDonald), to concoct a detailed backstory for the deceased, complicating their personal circumstances embarrassingly in the process. Feel.

In addition to logistical hurdles, the team faced considerable skepticism from their superiors, whose channels with Churchill Admiral Godfrey (Jason Isaacs) were ready to throw them overboard. (In the case of Churchill, he defined the stakes and observed, “The more wonderful the plan, the more foolproof the plan must be.”)

It’s hard to go wrong with this cast (Firth has a superstar streaming month, and “stairs”) and source material, adapted from a book by Ben Macintyre by author Michelle Ashford. But Operation Mincemeat still shines with its impeccable looks and understated portrayal of these unlikely heroes whose vital contributions to the war were not widely known until decades later.As if that wasn’t enough, the think tank includes a young Ian Fleming (Johnny Flynn), he went on to create James Bond.

As such, the film operates on multiple levels, and like old-fashioned capers, is also a window into history. Like its inspiration, if there are hiccups everywhere, when the smoke clears, it’s hard to think of this delicious “action” as anything but exhilarating success.

“Operation Mincemeat” will premiere on Netflix on May 11, and also in UK theaters.

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