On demand in December, DVD in January

In the sand dunes, Mrs. Jessica, Charne, Steele, and Paul stand side by side in the desert wearing still suits.

Mrs. Jessica, Charney, Steele, Paul will eventually return The second part of the dunes.
picture: Warner Bros.

You have a chance to watch dune It’s over at home. One month, Popular science fiction spectacle by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve It was shown in theaters and also played on HBO Max.However, that window is now closed, which means that if you want to watch dune, You can go to the theater or Waiting at home. Thankfully, the waiting time is short.

Warner Bros. just announced dune Most digital platforms will be purchased for $30 or rent for $25 on December 3. Then it will appear on DVD, Blu-ray, And 4K on January 11, there are a lot of additional features. This is an additional list:

  • Royal family
  • Movie Book: House Atreides
  • Movie Book: House Harkonnen
  • Movie Books: Freeman
  • Movie Books: Mixing Spices
  • Inside the dune: training room
  • Inside the dune: spice harvester
  • Inside the Dunes: The Battle of Sadoka
  • Building an ancient future
  • My desert, my dune
  • Build a flapping wing aircraft
  • Design sandworm
  • Watch out for the baron
  • Wardrobe in another world
  • New soundscape

DVD only has the function of “Royal”.

However, this is indeed a new world, and the movie is like dune Going home so soon.with If you don’t have a chance to see it On HBO Max or in theaters, well, it’s definitely worth watching. Villeneuve used Frank Herbert’s broad imagination And honed the characters and stories A rather dense story, the public can understand. That story is about Paul Atredes (Timothée Chalamet), a young man destined to inherit his father’s huge empire, but watched it collapse when his family moved from their home planet to the desert plant Arrakis. Then Paul must figure out what his fate on this planet is, and is responsible for creating the most valuable material in the galaxy, the spice.

If you want to read more about dune, What’s the next step in the movie series, access These Link.

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