Olympic schedule events and what to watch on Tuesday

Women’s gymnastics: Sunni Lee, Grace McCallum, Jordan Chilis and the rest of the US team will participate in the team finals. It starts at 6:45 in the morning. ET, but it will also be broadcast on NBC prime time at 8pm Eastern Time.

Swim: Katie Ledecky will participate in the 200m freestyle final at 9:41pm ET and the 1500m freestyle final at 10:54pm ET-both on NBC. This is the first time for a woman to participate in the 1500 freestyle competition of the Olympic Games.

Men’s Basketball: Entering the early hours of Wednesday morning, the US team will play against Iran on NBC Sports at 12:40 AM Eastern Time.

Cycling: The Women’s Time Trial will begin at 10:30 pm EST, and NBC reports will be broadcast at 12:35 am EST. The men’s time trial starts at 1:00 AM Eastern Time.

tennis: This is an important day for tennis. Events including the men’s second round of singles, women’s third round of singles, and men’s and women’s doubles quarter-finals will be broadcast on the Olympic Channel starting at 7 am Eastern Time. .

Viewers can also watch the game through the NBC Sports app or various subscription services that offer live TV options (including Hulu, YouTube, and CNN parent company AT&T).

this is yours Complete guide On how to watch the Olympics and Whole schedule. In between watching the event, please check our gallery The most memorable Olympic photos to date.

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