Olympic schedule and events to watch on Thursday

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The Olympic Games will continue on Thursday, including women’s gymnastics, track and field, swimming and golf.


It’s the seventh day Olympic Games In Tokyo and Important day Swimming and gymnastics.

Here are some activities to watch on Thursday-remember that Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of US Eastern Time:

Women’s gymnastics: The individual all-around finals begin at 6:40 am EST, and the prime time report will be broadcast on NBC at 8 pm EST.

Women’s volleyball billiards game: -The U.S. team vs. Turkey started at 8:45 am Eastern time. NBC Sports will also broadcast the U.S. vs. Turkey game at 6 pm

Track and field warm-up match: -Find the following: Women’s 800m (starting at 9:25 PM EST), men’s 400m hurdles, and women’s 100m.

Men’s Golf: The second round of men’s individual singles will be broadcast on the Golf Channel at 6:30 pm EST.

Swimming finals: -Women’s 200m breaststroke, men’s 200m backstroke, women’s 100m freestyle and men’s 200m individual medley will be broadcast on NBC starting at 9.30pm EST.

this is yours Complete guide On how to watch the Olympics and Whole schedule. In between watching the event, please check our gallery The most memorable Olympic photos to date.

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