Olympic champion Simon Byers withdraws from all-around competition

Tokyo (Associated Press)—— Simone Byers Won’t defend she Olympic champion.

U.S. gymnastics superstar withdrew from Thursday’s all-around competition to focus on she Mental health.

The United States Gymnastics team said in a statement on Wednesday that the 24-year-old player chose not to participate in the competition.The decision was made a day later bile After a round of rotation, he withdrew from the team finals she Felt she Not mentally prepared.

Emerald Kelly, Won the ninth place in the qualifying, will get bile‘Almighty everywhere. Carey Initially not eligible because she Is the third American bile And Sunisa Lee. The rules of the International Gymnastics Federation limit the country to only two athletes in each event in the finals.

The organization said bile Will be assessed every day before deciding whether she Will participate in the individual event next week. bile Eligible for the finals on all four devices she Didn’t even do it during the period she Won five medals in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

After swimmer Michael Phelps and sprinter Usain Bolt retired, the 24-year-old came to Tokyo to be the spokesperson of the Olympics. Despite compulsory deductions for vaults, floor and beams after the wobbly dismount, she was among the best in Sunday’s qualifying.

On Monday, she posted on social media that she felt the burden of the world on her shoulders. The weight became too heavy after the vault in the team finals. She lost herself in mid-air and completed 1 1/2 twists instead of 2 1/2 twists. Before leaving the playing field, she consulted with the American team doctor Marcia Faustin (Marcia Faustin).

When she came back, she took off the barbell and hugged teammates Sunissa Lee, Grace McCallum and Jordan Chilis. When the US team won the silver medal after the Russian Olympic Committee, she became The team’s chief cheerleader.

“Once I came here (to participate in the competition), I was like,’No spirit, not there, so I just need to let the girls do it and focus on myself,'” bile Said after the award ceremony.

This decision opened the door for all-round players, and this title has long been considered a foregone conclusion.Brazil’s Rebecca Andrade wins runner-up bile During qualifying, Li and Russian players Angelina Melnikova and Vladislava Urazova followed closely behind. On Sunday, the gap between the four was three out of ten.

Carey Now I found myself in the finals, ending an extraordinary journey for the 21-year-old from Phoenix. she It took two years to travel around the world and strive to accumulate enough points on the World Cup Tour to win individual nomination places, which means she Will participate in the Olympics, but does not technically belong to the US Foursome.

Carey During the qualifying period, the vaulting performance ranked second and the field performance ranked third, in the process won the opportunity to enter the event finals.Now she While replacing what is considered the greatest athlete in the history of the sport, she found herself vying for an all-around medal.

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