Ohio State University surpassed Cincinnati and Alabama in the top 25 to rank second

Ohio State University ranked 2nd in the Associated Press University football polls, surpassing 3rd Alabama and 4th Cincinnati in fierce voting on Sunday, rising three places.

Georgia is unanimous first Top 25 APs awarded by regional banks For the seventh consecutive week, but for the second consecutive week, the second position has changed.

Alabama slipped past Cincinnati last week, then Ohio State University surpassed them after that Route Michigan State University 56-7 Saturday. Buckeye scored 1,434 points from the media team. Crimson Tide has 1,423 and Bearcats has 1,416.

The University of Notre Dame ranked fifth in the season, and Michigan State will compete with the sixth ranked Ohio State University next Saturday. The winner of the Buckeye-Wolverine team will participate in the top ten championship games.

Oklahoma State University has risen to the seventh highest of the season and is one of the three teams in the Big 12. It is in the second half of the top 10 along with Baylor, ranked 9th, and Oklahoma, ranked top 10. part.

Next Saturday, the Cowboys will host Suning in a crazy game, which will help determine the participants of the 12 championship teams. Oklahoma State University won a seat, and Baylor and Oklahoma are still alive.

Mississippi is ranked 8th, making it into the top 10.

Polling place

Michigan State University was one of two teams in the top 10 last week and was eliminated on Saturday.

The Spartans dropped 5 places to 12th after losing to Ohio State, while Oregon was gaining Utah defeated 38-7. Utes moved up 8 positions and ranked 16th.

The last time two top ten teams lost 30 points or more on the same day was on September 22, 1984, when Florida State University, ranked 15th, defeated Miami, ranked 4th, 38-3. One Nebraska defeated the eighth-ranked UCLA with 42 points-3.

-For the first time this season, no team has fallen out of the rankings.

The top four teams lost a total of, Wake Forest with Arkansas Joined Oregon State and Michigan State University. Demon Deacon is the only ranked team that lost to an unranked team. Wake’s unbalanced loss at Clemson caused Deacs to drop 8 positions to 21st.

Arkansas, ranked 25th, dropped four places after losing touchdowns to Alabama, which allowed Clemson to return to the top 25 for the first time since the last weekend of September. Razorbacks scored 105 points and Clemson scored 101 points.

telephone conference

SEC-5 (Articles 1, 3, 8, 14, 25).

Top Ten-5 (No. 2, 6, 12, 17, 18).

ACC-3 (No. 20, 21, 24).

Big 12-3 (No. 7, 9, 10).

Pac-12-2 (No. 11, 16).

American-2 (4th, 19th).

American Conference-1 (No. 15).

Xishan — 1 (No. 22).

Sun Belt-1 (No. 23).

Independence-2 (No. 5, 13).

Ranking and ranking

-Ohio State University ranked 2nd in Michigan. For the 24th time, The Game will be the top 10 duel.

-Oklahoma is ranked 7th and Oklahoma is ranked 10th. Bedlam will enter the top 10 for the third time. The last time it was in 2015, Sooners won with 35 points.

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