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Press release. NoVa Battles has taken another step forward, completing another major milestone, listing on Bitrue.The centralized exchange Bitrue announced that NVA passed the BTR vote on the 21ststone In June 2022, the listed currency pair will be NVA/USDT. Deposits for this coin (which supports the ERC20 network) are enabled. NVA token holders can now trade on Bitrue:

Withdrawals of the token will be enabled approximately 24 hours after trading begins.

The Nova Battles team is excited to bring you another chance to get in on the action. We will publish most listings soon.

Successful Nova Battles ICO

Rising Stars Battle; a crypto game to play, invest and make money successfully achieved its goal a day early. 850 million NVA tokens were sold to its global community through the MaskEx platform. This paved the way for the game’s popularity over a long period of time, growing in popularity and sophistication. The company’s goal is to use all the funds raised to improve the game’s stability, functionality, and overall design, as well as provide players with a very special message. You can register for the game via the link below:

Uniswap and MaskEx

The core team has finalized the token launch on Uniswap. The initial price is set at 0.003 USDT/NVA. Uniswap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to easily exchange tokens. The next centralized listing will be on MaskEx; it is a long-term partner of NoVa Battles.The list will go live the week of the 23rdrd June 2022.


The NoVa Battles community has grown exponentially as more people discovered the game and provided feedback, ideas, and suggestions. Players are excited to see NoVa Battles become a MOBA game that hosts tournaments and competes in eSports competitions. Gamers in Southeast Asia are now working with the company to ensure that all gamers as well as non-gamers can enjoy the game. The core team can be found on the game’s official Discord channel:

By joining their community, you can participate in the entire development of the game, get exclusive content and rewards during the pre-release phase, and participate in making the game even better.

Profit mechanism

In NoVa Battles, players can use the NFT Called NoVa Soul to earn both ETH and NVA. The earning rate will be based on the level and attributes of your Nova Soul. Nova Soul can be acquired during pre-sale, purchased on P2P marketplaces, rented on P2P marketplaces, and crafted. NoVa Souls enables players to earn NoVa (NVA) and Ethereum (ETH). Based on Growth Points (GP), Earnings Rate (ER), New Soul Levels and Account Points – players will earn NVA and ETH every two weeks.

To know more about everything related to NoVa Battles, you can follow this link on their official social:

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