Nothing is Transparent Phone 1 Won’t Come to North America

Nothing came out Phone 1 Smartphone Won’t be coming to the U.S., the company confirms PCMag“While we would love to bring Phone 1 to entire communities around the world, we are focused on our home market, including the UK and Europe,” the company said in a statement. However, it added, “our limited quantities Private Community Investors” can get one in the U.S. through a closed beta program.

The device was not shown for the first time last week Twitter follow one tease By the founder Kalbey. The most conspicuous feature is the transparent back panel, revealing the wireless charging coil and a mysterious glowing pattern. The company also promises an “open and diverse product ecosystem” and pure Android Nothing OS.

The company further explained: “It takes a lot of time to launch a smartphone…from making sure the phone is supported by the country’s cellular technology to carrier partnerships and local regulation, and since we’re still a young brand, we need Strategically it.” Even those in the closed beta program may have coverage issues and lack support for features like Voice over LTE, according to reports. PCMag. Nothing made a similar disclosure when the current 100 phones hit the market. Bid on StockX.

Still, nothing has North American ambitions.”We have big plans for a US-enabled smartphone in the future,” the company wrote. Nothing Phone 1 will debut in London on July 12 — you can watch it live RSVP in advance.

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