Not going home feels like a Marvel self-tour on Sony

Poster illustration of Spiderman ready to fight.

picture: Sony/Marvel Studios

For better or worse, every different “stage” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Have a goal Work hard for its various movies. The first one brought together our different heroes, while two and three showed their fragmentation and finally recombined into a legend of infinite proportions.Because there is nothing that can really fight the global pandemic, Marvel’s plan for 2020 has been shelved The fourth stage Abnormal, in some cases, Out of order. However, if the current 2021 content and Spider-Man: Nowhere to go, especially, Tell us anything, that is, the fourth stage is more interested in touching Marvel’s own self than anything else.

No way home The recent trailer finally gave us our first Really look at the various villains Spiderman goes over.The strangest of this insidious nearly sixtuplet is not classic enemies like Doc Ock and Green Goblin, but the low-level of the movie Spider-Man villain: Lightning and Lizard from the short-lived Astonishing Dualism, and Spiderman 3 Sand people (and possibly new goblins).With the former spider Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire may also be waiting on the flank so they can enter some Keatonian The final cheers, obviously, aimed to give those old villains and potential heroes a chance to “get things right.” Such goals hover loudly on the co-hosting of Marvel and Sony like a strange smell. No way home Represents the most naked attempt to date. Unlike the comics, there is no real change illusion, just a kind of almost arrogant self-confidence, which can slide by providing fans with what they have been asking for for three years and bad Photoshop.

Spider-Man prepares to fight Electro near the radio tower.

picture: Sony/Marvel Studios

The whole world collectively said “No, thank you” Amazing 2, The two companies decided to start from scratch and make Holland the “right” Spiderman. “They can be Spiderman right,“Many people said when announcing the deal in 2015, because he finally “home”. Marvel supervises its biggest first-line celebrities, which is enough to keep fans on the side of the company in 2019 Guardianship struggle With Sony, lest we have no more crossovers or references to other Avengers. (Remember, here comes Rear The success of both Spider poem And the original venom, It’s more interesting now Venom 2 Already done Pretty good Too. ) Of course, the first two Family The movie is very solid, and Holland is very good on both sides as Peter. But the highlights of these films cannot conceal how superficial the idea that these films are superior to their immediate predecessors.Two single-player films and three crossover films continue to emphasize how incredible this Peter is compared to those before him, even his ones Proudly Standing besideAnything like character development or general statements about who Peter is—as other trilogy veterans such as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have obtained—is nowhere to be found.

On its own, swallowing it would be a bitter but tolerable pill, but it is part of Marvel’s larger trend of overcorrecting to the point of despair. Wanda Vision Efforts need to be made to make this relationship real in a way that the Infinite Legend certainly does not have, but even in the best moments, Black widow It felt like a late, embarrassing apology. Shang-Chi Make Mandarin Need a tragic character-he can easily carry the entire movie-like bringing it back Iron Man 3 Fake mandarin Laughing, but keeping Trevor around for the rest of the movie feels like a studio trying to own its cake and eat it too.even though niceThese moments are stupid at best, or unnecessary self-congratulations at worst.

It’s all “for the fans”: in the Fantastic Four and mutant Formally joined the battle. Under the banner of Marvel Studios, these restarts will not help you redo past events and reuse the less popular characters in Fox’s hands.Of course, you finally got Dr. Doom the way you want, Galactus is no longer a cloud, but is it worth facing the final third Go to Legend of Phoenix? (If we are tired Saw Waynes being shot, And it should now be the second or third next. ) Do you want these characters who grew up with you to get better help, or do you just want to bring them out without having to add warnings, just like the prequel era Star wars Until recently, did fans have to do this? When the studio culminates in its own nonsense, often at its worst, these two attributes will see them so high that they will come into contact with Mars.

Doctor Strange winked at Peter Parker.

picture: Sony/Marvel Studios

There will definitely be some fun watching the three spiders, maybe other Multiple tourists Fight against the beta version of the Sinister Six.But at the moment, I don’t feel No way home It exists to further the story of Peter and even to truly celebrate the history of Spider-Man as a character.It feels more like Marvel’s rule over Sony Marvel Studio It is praised and admired for including these previously used characters and villains instead of the company that currently owns the rights. If they are going to participate in a penis measurement competition, the least they can do is behind closed doors.

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