North Korea launches suspected ballistic missile: Japan | Weapon News

After leader Kim Jong Un promised to continue to develop the country’s military capabilities, the launch will be the first this year.

Japanese authorities said North Korea launched a suspected ballistic missile on its east coast on Wednesday, while South Korea said the country fired an unidentified projectile.

The launch will be the first new year for North Korea, which has nuclear weapons, and several days before, leader Kim Jong Un promised to continue to develop the military to deal with the unstable international situation.

The Japanese Coast Guard, which first reported the launch, said it may be a ballistic missile, but did not provide more details.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that North Korea had fired an unidentified projectile on the east coast, but did not elaborate.

Pyongyang conducted a series of missile launches last year and in October said it had tested “New type“Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). This is the first test of SLBM since 2019.

According to United Nations sanctions, the country is prohibited from conducting ballistic missile tests.

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