North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles during first coronavirus outbreak

North Korea fired three ballistic missiles into the sea on Thursday, just hours after confirming its first coronavirus outbreak.

short range missile This is just the latest weapons demonstration, with more than 13 reported launches this year alone.

It was the first missile launch since South Korea’s conservative new president, Yoon Seok-yeol, took office on Tuesday.

The news was also scheduled for US President Biden access Going to the Korean capital next week. Concerns about North Korean weapons are expected to be a high-priority topic.

against Associated PressLeif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha Womans University, predicts that North Korea’s virus outbreak will trigger a period in which North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will be forced to “lose interest in nuclear or missile tests”. Rather, it is more focused on addressing the coronavirus threat.

The international studies professor also added, “For Pyongyang to publicly acknowledge the omicron cases, the public health situation must be dire.”

The state-run KCNA confirmed that the virus samples collected on Sunday belonged to the omicron variant. Those tested were from the capital Pyongyang, but the number of cases is unknown.

In the clip on state television, Kim Jong-un is seen entering a conference room wearing a mask, only to take it off to speak into the microphone. Other officials present were wearing masks.

King announced a total lockdown of the city to stop the spread of the virus. Controlling transmission is critical to eliminating transmission as quickly as possible, he said.

He assured the public that the country will overcome the outbreak because its government and people are “united”.

Even if North Korea implements a strict quarantine model similar to China “Zero Corona” Policyit may be difficult to contain the spread of fast-spreading omicron variants.

The country’s largely unvaccinated population of 26 million is expected to suffer more casualties than its industrialized counterparts, and its medical system is weak, which may explain why Kim chose to acknowledge the local outbreak in hopes of foreign aid.

Featured Image via Al Jazeera English

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