North Korea challenges domestic fulcrum narrative through new ballistic missile test

Ballistic missile BalkansCat/iStock

North Korea conducted a ballistic missile test on Wednesday, the first in about two months. Associated Press Report.

According to the US military, the launch “highlights the destabilizing impact of the rogue country’s “illegal weapons program”. The test also aroused the concerns of the Japanese and South Korean governments.

in a speech When speaking at a meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un broke the precedent by discarding blatantly belligerent rhetoric and only vaguely hinted at continuing tensions with South Korea and the United States.

On the contrary, Kim promised to “make significant progress in solving the people’s food and clothing problems.”

Chad O’Carroll, founder of Seoul North Korea News, Tweet In response to King’s speech, the authoritarian state appeared to be “more or less in the survival mode of 2022-and don’t know what to do: the current foreign policy.”

North Korea has implemented strict border controls and internal movement restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which has led to a sharp drop in imports and severe food shortages. Some analysts believe that these difficulties can explain why Kim Jong-un turned to the wallet problem.

according to British Broadcasting CorporationHowever, Kim Jong Un also stated in his speech that North Korea will continue to strengthen its defense capabilities.

When Trump refused to relax sanctions on North Korea, the denuclearization negotiations between Kim Jong Un and then President Donald Trump failed in 2019. NPR ReportSince then, the quasi-communist hereditary dictatorship has worked to expand its nuclear arsenal to ensure future autonomy.

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