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Charlotte Lamplin, Nick Knott, Strand Skarskaenter Final words.
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Some people think this is stupid Dedicating a lifetime to the movie. The movie is frivolous. Fleeting. unimportant. In this regard, screenwriter director Jonathan Nossiter said, those may be your famous Final words.

This is the title of a new movie starring Nick Knott, Strand Skarskaroad, And Charlotte isWait in 2085, after that The Sumani have destroyed most of the world, leaving only a precious few people alive. Among them is Kal, played by rookie Kalipha Touray.He thinks he is The last person on earth But when he met a group of people who were very different from himself, he found that it was not just human nature… But the cinema.Check the trailer Final words, It looks a bit like post-apocalyptic Paradise Cinema.

Things in the trailer started to be rather bleak, but as you can see, Kal started to understand how pictures, especially movies, capture history and Save history. What happened from there, well, that’s why you spend money to watch movies. But this trailer really looks like a fusion of a post-apocalyptic drama with a very unique story about film appreciation and preservation. And, if you take a step back, it also feels like the kind of movie that can explain why movies are so important. They are not only entertainment, but also art. They are always snapshots of our wildest dreams and cruelest reality.

Also, I mean, come on.You can’t go wrong with multiple Oscar and Emmy nominees such as Nolte, Skarsgar, etc.rd and Lamplin. They are one of our best actors, but at that age, they may not have as many opportunities as others.So it’s great to see them in everything, let alone something cool and unique like this Final words.

Final words It will be shown and on-demand in theaters on December 17. What do you think of the trailer? Would you look for this?

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