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Since it was first reported almost A full year ago, About a big thing in everyone’s mind Spider-Man: Nowhere to go It’s its villain.this The returning bad guy William Dafoe’s Green Devils and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus from Sam Remy’s original trilogy and Jamie Fox’s Electronics Astonishing The duo fell into a number of diversified craziness, which caused potential trouble for Peter Parker of Tom Holland.

At CCXP Brazil this weekend, the three actors had the opportunity to talk about their return to earlier roles. Spiderman fever That is Sweep the world. The initial publicity sold all three of them, but what really attracted them was No way home The characters will be similar to the previous ones, but different in some respects“This is a return to what I did with that kind of history before,” Dafoe said, “but it has a spin, which is very attractive to me.” Foxx responded to his supporting role, saying the producer Amy Pascal explained how he was a bit more “stylish” than his first run at Electro, and he was grateful that it didn’t have to be blue.

Dafoe teased that his goblin costume had been “upgraded”, and other villains had undergone similar redesigns. No way home. Instead of live props like in 2004 Spider-Man 2, Doc Ock’s tentacles are now done digitally, and Foxx says his new look is not overly hard work. “I associate it with R&B,” he said. “Back then, you had tassels or shoulder pads, but now you can Sing.”For Dafoe, it’s easier to install than the original version Spiderman’s Eight-hour test: They just scanned him, created a garment from the scan, and adjusted it accordingly.

Most importantly, the actors are happy to play these villains again, and they all say they have their own arcs throughout the movie. “In a smaller environment, we are villains, we are just staff who exist to advance the plot,” Molina said. “But here, we have a real storyline. They are real people.” With that typical sinister smile, Dafoe joked that the Green Devil “will do a case this time… not just some abstract muscle rotations.” Power grab.”

Spider-Man: Nowhere to go It will be released on December 17.

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