Niftables looks to bring NFTs into the mainstream with a new marketplace and white label solution for creators

The mainstream appeal of non-fungible tokens has never been more outspoken than it is today. Everyone seeks exposure to NFT assets, representing a market worth about $17 billion. The introduction of white label solutions and connected markets by Niftables could lead to higher valuations.

The NFT industry continues to grow

The past two years have been pretty crazy for the cryptocurrency industry. More specifically, the introduction of non-fungible tokens brought major investors, celebrities, and mainstream users into the industry. While NFTs are primarily speculative—like cryptocurrencies—several projects have established long-term presences. By 2021, the combined market value of all projects is estimated to exceed $17 billion.

This market cap is a big improvement from the $82.5 million in 2020. It’s incredible how far the NFT vertical has come in such a short period of time. Additionally, brands and creators continue to express interest in the industry. Unfortunately, they are hampered by the lack of convenient and automated solutions to handle everything around creating new series.

Niftables may solve this pressing problem. Any creator or brand can venture into the NFT space with its upcoming white label solution.The framework that makes this transformation possible is beautiful metamarket, which fully automates NFT utilities and seamlessly integrates front-end and back-end into the NFT network. Creators put collectibles directly on the market, providing utility through the wider ecosystem.

Additionally, the metamarket approach supports support for VR and AR compatible 3D galleries. Combining fiat and crypto payment gateways and integrated custody solutions, this technology stack enables mainstream users to directly become part of the world of non-fungible tokens. Additionally, creators can distribute NFTs through subscription services, deliveries, auctions, etc., giving them complete control.

Niftables Market Vision

Niftables also aims to launch a cross-chain gas-free NFT marketplace to help enthusiasts buy, trade, sell, exchange or redeem NT and rewards from the creator’s white label platform. The marketplace will serve as a hub for browsing proven white label platforms, stores, profiles and collections. Additionally, the integration of Niftables with Rarible and OpenSea will help boost secondary market sales.

Jordan Aitali, co-founder of Niftables, added:

A one-stop shop doesn’t mean one size fits all.That’s why Niftables aims to allow creators and brands to fully customize their white label NFT platform from the start. We ensure that each creator’s NFT platform aligns with their brand and overall vision.

Niftables $NFT assets will be an important aspect of this ecosystem. It is a payment method across the entire ecosystem, including white label platforms built by creators and brands. Additionally, $NFT holders will benefit from customized user profiles and discounted purchase rates on all external white label platforms.

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