NHL slammed on social media for claiming ‘trans women are women’

The National Hockey League sparked a skirmish on Tuesday when it tweeted that “transgender women are women,” prompting a pushback from biologically male enemies involved in women’s sports if they consider themselves women.

The uproar began after the league announced its support for the team’s transgender draft tournament in Middleton, Wisconsin, saying it was “the first tournament to consist entirely of transgender and non-binary players, with about 80 people in attendance! “

One commenter responded, “So, men play with women [sic] team? ’ prompted the NHL to assess the penalty.

“Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary identities are real,” the coalition replied on its official Twitter account.

The gloves came off quickly, as some users cheered the NHL’s commitment to transgender identities, while others pointed out that no biological woman in the league is a man.

Conservative pundit Dana Loesch tweeted: “Stop stigmatizing women.”

“If true, why are there no trans men in the NHL? After all, they are real men. Must be horribly vicious discrimination,” conservative podcaster Ben Shapiro tweeted .

Conservative writer Matt Walsh, star of the Daily Wire documentary “What Are Women?” said the NHL “became the latest organization to cater to people who are not their customers and never will be.” Totally demean yourself.”

“The NHL should absolutely pit a biological woman against Alexander Ovechkin and see how this theory plays out for them,” said digital strategist Greg Price.

During the exchange, the NHL locked its account, allowing only people it followed to reply.

“If that’s the case, why don’t trans men play in the NHL or AHL, OHL, WHL or ECHL?” asked David Harsanyi, senior editor at The Federalist.

The last four references refer to the minor leagues and feeder leagues of North American hockey.

Others defended the NHL and blasted critics.

“Anyone showing transphobia in a comment deserves the worst. You pathetic people,” one hockey fan tweeted.

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