NFT is more than art

As one of the largest auction houses in the world, Sotheby’s is known for its NFT auctions. They launched NFT in collaboration with leading artists. One of the most memorable sales is Beeple’s digital artwork. Beeple is an anonymous digital artist and sells for US$68 million. NFT exists as a tokenized version of assets, protected by blockchain, and its uniqueness makes it popular with art buyers.

NFT year; 2021

As 2021 comes to an end, it can be declared the year of NFT. Many celebrities have released their own NFTs and sold them to fans. However, some people think that NFT may be a fashion that will soon be shattered.

One reason for this misunderstanding is that many people believe that NFTs can only be used to create digital art. However, it is not. NFT is opening up a whole new source of revenue, which may lead to the rise of innovative digital products. Various industries are studying the use of NFTs to tokenize assets such as music albums, iconic moments, and sports memorabilia. Some of the current NFT use cases are:


Luxury brands such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana are entering the NFT field with limited collections. The use of NFT helps protect the ownership of fashion items while also ensuring easy verification of authenticity. It is a particularly effective counterfeit solution.


Another use case of NFT is to protect patents and intellectual property rights. Tokenized certificates with legal protection measures help protect the authenticity of documents and at the same time help increase transparency.


In the music industry, NFT provides proof of ownership of original content while making real music easy. In terms of royalties, NFT can also easily track the monetization process.

real estate

NFTs have also found a use case in the real estate sector where they can be used to provide provenance for a piece of real estate ownership. In addition, they provide transparency for the transfer of ownership of such assets.


NFT is a unique way to guarantee the purchase of unique digital collectibles. Due to the security of the blockchain, it provides absolute source certainty.

Games and Metaverse

Most widely, NFT is looking for use cases in online games and metaverses. By using NFT, players can have absolute ownership of the items in the game, and they can sell these items on the secondary market.

NFT and digital fashion

Digital fashion is a trend that is realized by NFT in huge ways. A good example of a digital fashion company dedicated to bringing NFT fashion to the masses is Space Runners. Space Runners is working with leading celebrities and sports icons such as Kyle Kuzma and Nick Young to bring the NFT series to the public.These exciting partnerships will be showcased in the first series of Space Runners; NBA champion sneakers series

Users have the opportunity to purchase these unique fashion products protected by the Solana blockchain. Space Runners plans to launch digital collections of these items in mid-December, and users can save these collections forever.

In the future, Space Runners plans to launch a VR environment where holders of Space Runners digital fashion can interact with their clothing. They can share these interactions on social media, which will help increase the visibility of the platform and the value of NFT.

In addition to visiting the fashion show in Barcelona, ​​visitors to the Space Runners platform can also browse digital fashion through their computers or mobile devices. In the future, the platform plans to launch a market where people can trade their fashion clothing NFTs with others. They also plan to launch unique fashionable clothing that people can use as skins in Metaverse. This is Meta’s direct response to Space Runners’ interest on Twitter!

Holders of “Runners” will also receive special privileges, such as special access rights to pre-sale merchandise for sports stars. They will also get exclusive access to sports star post-match events, where they can interact with them.

Without the support of partners, Space Runners would not be able to achieve their goals. These include Ankr, Clover Finance, Divergence Ventures and Bullet Labs.

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