NFL parity opens the door to Washington

Good luck to everyone who must be sure National Football LeagueWeekly power rankings these days.

The Green Bay Packers and the Tennessee Titans both lost the game on Sunday, and these two losses marked another unexpected loss for the league considered the top team. Last week, the Arizona Cardinals and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers performed poorly. Before them, the Buffalo Bills were defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Upset often happens in National Football League, But rarely has such a season asked fans and experts to ask this basic question: Is there really a team?


Entering this week’s “Monday Night Football Game”, 15 teams hovered around 0.500 after 11 weeks of the season-either higher or lower than the game, higher or lower than halftime, or exactly 5- 5.this National Football League Known for parity, 15 teams have grown when 12 (2019) and 10 (2020) teams have approached that standard in the past two years.

With each conference adding a seventh playoff spot — effective last year — there is a group of teams still looking for the playoffs.

In the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints will rank the sixth and seventh seeds 5-5. But behind them are: San Francisco 49ers (5-5), Philadelphia Eagles (5-6), Carolina Panthers (5-6), Washington (4-6) and Atlanta Falcons (4 -6).

Because many teams have failed to separate, teams like Washington have a new life because of two consecutive victories.

“This is the carrot,” coach Washington Ron Rivera Said Monday, the second day after the team defeated the Panthers 27-21. “After all, it doesn’t matter how you get in. Just ask Tampa Bay. They are wild cards (and they won last season), do you know? All you have to do is get in and we will see what happens. what.”

Rivera Said he “Absolute” can use the temptation of wild card points as an incentive strategy his team. last year, Rivera It is often pointed out that the poor state of the NFC East is a way to motivate players to stay focused in the 2-7 start.

This year NFC East seems even more out of reach for Washington-but Rivera It doesn’t count. he Pointing out that Washington must end the five divisional games this year, theoretically gave the team enough opportunities to make progress. “If you want to win the division, you have to control it,” he said.

Despite this, the Dallas Cowboys still seem to have a firm grasp of the Eastern Conference with a score of 7-3. The more realistic situation for Washington to enter the playoffs is as a wild card team.

However, while Washington players and coaches may feel optimistic after winning on Sunday, other teams such as the 49ers and Eagles have also found their rhythm at the right time. The San Francisco team defeated the Jaguars in a convincing way and achieved two consecutive victories. The Eagles performed well against the Denver Broncos and Saints.

“To be honest, (parity) surprised me a bit,” Rivera Said. “I just think this will be what it looks like. I know the league would love to see it because it allows everyone to participate and can focus on all 16 games played each week instead of going down There are only two or three teams left to compete.”

The 15 teams close to 0.500 did not exceed the norm National Football LeagueAccording to data from Pro Football Reference, from 2015 to 2017, before the 11th week, 18 teams fell into this range each year. Rivera Said he I think this is because “there are so many great players out there”-so the level of competition is more balanced.

But in a sense, the 2021 season is unusual because the best teams in the league have had difficulty defending their status.From week 9 to week 11, according to National Football League Studies have shown that 11 teams beat the division leader at odds of 0.500 or less-the most victory that has occurred since 1970.

This weekend, the three division leaders — Green Bay, Tennessee and Buffalo — lost to one team at odds of 0.500 or worse. In the case of Buffalo, the defeat made them second in the AFC East after the New England Patriots (7-4).

There are also unusual numbers of close matches. According to league statistics, there are 37 games in 2021 in the final two minutes of the regular season or overtime to score winning points, ranking third in the league. National Football League Through 11 weeks of history.

“If you can have all 16 games, or at least two-thirds of them, it means that by the end of the year, this is a huge improvement,” Rivera Said. “So this is the prosperity of the alliance.”

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