New Zealand police killed suspected terrorists after stabbing 6 people

Wellington new Zealand (Associated Press) — new Zealand The authorities were so worried about an Islamic extremist that they followed him around the clock and were able to shoot and kill him within 60 seconds of his crazy knife attack. Six people were injured in an attack on Friday. Auckland supermarket.

Three shoppers were taken to Auckland The police said the hospital was in critical condition. The other is in serious condition, and the other two are in moderate condition.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Call this incident a terrorist attack. she He said that the man is a Sri Lankan national, inspired by the Islamic State organization, and is well known by the national security agency.

Arden Said she He has personally heard about the man in the past, but there is no legal reason he In custody.

“Have he Made something that allows us to put he jail, he Will be put in jail,” Arden Said.

The attack occurred at around 2:40 pm in a Countdown supermarket. new ZealandThe largest city.

Commissioner of Police Andrew Coster Said a police surveillance team and a professional tactical team from his Go home to the supermarket.

But although they have serious and persistent concerns about this person, they have no particular reason to think he Plans to launch an attack on Friday, Coster Said.That person seems to be going into the store to do it his Grocery shopping as he There was in the past.

he Enter the store as he Do it before. he Took a knife from the shop,” Coster Said. “The surveillance team monitors as closely as possible his Activity. “

Coster Said that when the commotion began, two police officers from the special operations team rushed over. he The man rushed towards the police officer with a knife, so they shot and killed he.

A bystander video taken from the inside of the supermarket recorded the sound of 10 continuous rapid firing.

Coster It is said that some people will question whether the police can respond more quickly. he Said that the person is very aware of constant surveillance and that they need to keep a certain distance from them he To make it effective.

Arden Said the attack was violent and meaningless, and she Sorry it happened.

“What happened today is despicable. It’s hateful. It’s wrong,” Arden Said. “It is done by one person. It is not belief, culture, or race. But an individual who is bound by ideology is not supported by anyone or any community here.”

Arden Said this person moved first new Zealand In 2011, it has been monitored by security agencies since 2016. she Said the authorities are confident he Act alone in the attack.

Arden Said legal restrictions are blocked she From discussing everything she Want to understand this case, but she Hope that these restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible.

Some shoppers in the supermarket tried to help those injured by grabbing towels and diapers and whatever else they found on the shelves.

“For everyone who was there and witnessed such a terrible event, I can’t imagine how they would feel afterwards,” Arden Said. “But thank you for helping those who need you when you need you.”

Extremist ideology is rare in China new Zealand with Arden It is said that only a very small number of people will be subject to such close surveillance.

Auckland It is currently under strict lockdown because it is fighting the coronavirus outbreak. Most businesses are closed, and people usually have to leave their homes to buy groceries, medical needs or exercise.

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