New York City will make it mandatory for all private sector employees to be vaccinated

New York will require all private sector workers in the city to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which will be the strictest vaccine rule implemented anywhere in the United States.

Bai Sihao Said Monday The new regulations will take effect on December 27 and apply to all private companies, regardless of size. He did not say whether to allow certain employees to undergo periodic testing, which was proposed by the Biden administration as part of a separate national plan.

De Blasio said the mission is to slow the spread of the Omicron variant, which has the potential to increase the infection rate in the city, which has almost doubled in the past month.

The mayor told the MSNBC News Channel: “We in New York City have decided to take preemptive actions and really take bold action to stop the further development of Covid and the danger it poses to all of us.”

He added: “Omicron is here and it seems to be very spreading. In the winter months, the timing is terrible.”

Business groups can appeal the New York ruling in court, but de Blasio said he is confident that he will survive such a challenge.

The severely mutated Omicron variant has been confirmed in at least 17 states in the United States, and health officials expect it to spread rapidly. Scientists around the world are eager to study whether it is more infectious, more deadly than previous strains, or can escape vaccine protection.

US President Joe Biden, Announced in September His government will force all private companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that employees receive weekly vaccinations or test negative for the disease. The government is imposing separate authorizations for federal employees and contractors and health care groups that work under public health insurance and Medicaid insurance programs.

Those tasks maturity It will take effect on January 4, but the judge has imposed temporary restrictions on the rules that apply to private sector employers and healthcare providers.

Although the federal government has litigated through the courts, states and cities are implementing their own rules. Many states Vaccinations have been compulsory for health care workers and teachers, and Puerto Rico has stated that it will impose vaccinations or testing requirements on all private employers with 50 or more employees.

De Blasio also announced that anyone over the age of 12 who uses indoor dining, entertainment or gyms must also be vaccinated. Children between 5 and 11 years old are only allowed to receive the vaccine once.

“We are full of confidence because it is universal,” said De Blasio, who will step down a few weeks later.

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