New York City reportedly has more Airbnb listings than rental apartments

although 2016 Law Short-term rentals are prohibited, contain reported. According to April, condo rental inventory in Manhattan, Brooklyn and northwest Queens was 7,699 units. Douglas Elliman ReportBy comparison, there are between 10,000 and 20,000 Airbnb rentals for entire apartments or entire homes across New York City, according to calculations by AirDNA and Inside Airbnb.

New York City has effectively banned short-term rentals (less than 30 days) in multi-unit buildings without the presence of the owner since 2011, and made such listings illegal in 2016. If Airbnb renters comply with the law, that means listings are only available for a short period of the year.

Many may also be brownstone “garden condos” separate from but still part of the main residence, which apartment owners can rent out year-round. “Ten years ago [those] may have been leased to long-term tenants,” contain famous. The lack of inventory in the long-term rental market is especially evident now, with Manhattan rents so tight, with an average monthly price of $3,925.

However, Airbnb said other factors could lead to a housing shortage in New York City. “Over the past two years, our entire city-wide supply of listings has declined and now represents only a fraction of the city’s rental units – while at the same time rental prices are trending upwards and the city’s issued The number of new unit development permits still in existence is down by double-digit percentages,” a spokesperson told Curbed in an email. Additionally, some Airbnb listings may only be available for a few weeks of the year.

Airbnb is widely used by tourists and travelers, but hotels see it as unlicensed competition, and city councils and housing advocates say they take thousands of rentals off the market and distort market prices.The problem is especially acute in cities with tight housing markets such as New York and San Francisco, which also promulgated law Limit rent.

The extent to which Airbnb has affected the housing shortage in New York City is debatable. In a brutal rental market, however, having more Airbnb listings than rentable apartments isn’t great. “Bidding wars account for one-fifth of new lease signings,” Elliman wrote. “Greater affordability is not just around the corner. More and more people are squatting.”

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