New Mad God trailer reveals a special effects passion project

We’ve been eagerly waiting for more glimpses Mad GodPhil Tippett, founder of Tippett Studios stop motion animation Animated film, an almost mythical project because it takes creators and his team 30 years to complete.A new trailer has arrived ahead of the movie’s release shuddering debutit is weird. in a good way.

Mad God Written, directed and produced by the Oscar and Emmy Award winning Tippett, a pioneer in special effects and stop motion animation (a field he was greatly inspired to enter) Ray Harryhausen); his credits include Robocop, Starship Troopers, Jurassic Park, and the original star wars trilogy. but it is clear Mad God It is a work carved out of a special place in his highly creative imagination. Here’s a full rundown, courtesy of Shudder:”Mad God is an experimental animated film set against monsters, mad scientists and war pigs. A corroded diving bell descends in a devastated city, landing on an ominous fort guarded by zombie-like sentries. Assassins appear to explore a bizarre and desolate labyrinth inhabited by eccentric inhabitants. Through unexpected twists and turns, he undergoes evolution beyond his wildest comprehension. The labor of love that took 30 years to complete, Mad God A combination of live-action and stop-motion animation, miniature sets and other innovative techniques brings Tippett’s completely unique and grotesquely beautiful vision to life. “

Mad God The festival has been fruitful (winning at the Fantasia International, Sitges and Trieste Science Fiction Festivals; it has also won awards at the Locarno Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival, Oldenburg International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest and Beyond Fest) — but it won’t be long before the demons in the house can see its joy: it’s hitting Shudder on June 16.

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