New Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies Coming in Fall 2022

Black Adam – Official Trailer 2

Mr. Harrigan’s phone number (October 5 on Netflix)

In this adaptation of Stephen King’s story, when an elderly friend dies, a young boy discovers that he can still talk to her on his iPhone.

terrorist 2 (October 6)

If you’re afraid of clowns, then you probably don’t want to see terrorist 2which is about a resurrected killer clown hunting down a sibling on Halloween.

hell messenger (Hulu October 7)

In this horror remake, your favorite torture-loving demon is back for a new generation to enjoy.

Lyle Lyle Crocodile (October 7th)

This big-budget, live-action remake of the popular children’s book, yes, features a walking, talking crocodile.

werewolf night (October 7 on Disney+)

It’s probably more special than “The Movie,” but since it’s a horror story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re counting it.

The Curse of the Bridge (October 14 on Netflix)

In this family-friendly Halloween comedy, Marlon Wayans plays a father who must team up with his daughter to save their town from ancient evil.

Halloween is over (October 14th)

Is this really the end for Michael Myers? maybe not. But this is the end of a new trilogy directed by David Gordon Green and starring Jamie Lee Curtis. It will also have a premiere date and date on Peacock. Here’s the trailer.

good and evil school (October 19 on Netflix)

Fantastic epic directed by director Paul Feige, starring Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron as teachers at the School of Fairy Tale Characters. Watch the trailer here.

V/H/S 99 (shudder on October 20)

The latest installment in the career-advancing horror anthology series is coming, and it will no doubt tell all kinds of chaotic and scary stories.

black adam (October 21)

The only DC movie this fall stars Dwayne Johnson as the almighty Black Adam, telling the story of his reintroduction to our world through another superhero team called the Justice Society. The trailer is on it.

killer (October 21)

Thomas Jane plays Vampire Slayer, who recruits a group of social media influencers to let him into the home of a group of ancient vampires. You can watch the trailer here.

wendell and wild (October 21 on Netflix)

Jordan Peele reunites with his comedy partner Keegan Michael-Key to voice the titular Demon Brothers in a new stop-motion animated film of the behind-the-scenes characters nightmare before christmas and Caroline, Henry Selick. Take a peek here.

Devil’s Prey (October 28)

A young nun who works at an exorcism school becomes entangled with a student who is possessed by the demon who killed her mother. You guessed it, she’ll be the devil’s prey.

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