Netflix’s new top 10 list feels like a grasp of relevance

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Earlier this week, Netflix did an incredible thing: it released ratings statistics.To be clear, this streaming giant has already done this before-adding a Top 10 carousels Here on your screen, put down one bullion About popularity Strange things There-but these numbers are different.These numbers are special. The difference from Netflix’s previous metrics is Anything I watched for at least two minutes As a “point of view”, Statistics released on Tuesday Shows and movies are ranked by total watch time—and they are global. Although Netflix has been cautious about its ratings before, this seems to be a huge opening for the statistics vault. “‘Nonsense.’ BS. “Cherry selection. “”Unaudited.” “Over the years, we have received a lot of feedback on metrics,”” Pablo Perez De Rosso, head of content strategy, planning and analysis at Netflix, wrote in a blog post. “So this summer we are back on the drawing board.” This move seemed bold and bold.

Too, as Todd Spangler Point out exist type, “Bend.” Streaming services now have some 213 million subscribers, And it wants the world to know that they are devouring hours of content.Previously, Netflix has earned a lot of miles from the mystery behind the popularity of its movies and shows-it seems that everyone is talking about it Bird box, But who has actually seen all this? Not revealing details allowed the company to get out of its predicament. But now it has figures showing extraordinary ratings, and it claims to have bragging rights.

When Netflix needs to show all the W it can show, this kind of data transparency is also coming.After years of becoming the main choice for streaming content, it started Lose cool point-If not for real eyeballs-to new services, such as HBO max with Disney+. If one is proposed Eye-catching new website remind you Red notice It is currently the largest transaction in the world, and it is in the best interest of the company to do so. By the way, this is not a joke. According to Netflix data, the global viewing time of the action comedy starring The Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot was 147.72 million hours in the first week of its release.

But what does this mean? Hard to say. Red notice The duration is 1 hour and 57 minutes, so this could mean that nearly 78 million families watched the whole journey, or 149 million subscribers watched about half, or 300 million people watched for about 30 minutes, or…you get the idea. But this is not the point.The point is now you want to know if people have watched that many hours dune or Ted Russo Or other content on competing streaming services. Announcement of the numbers is Netflix’s way of showing the relevance of the anchor in the pop culture conversation. In fact, other services dare to publish their numbers.

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