Netflix will be required to broadcast 20 national TV channels in Russia

Starting in March, Netflix Must be broadcast on 20 national TV channels RussiaThe country’s media regulator, Roskomnadzor, registered the platform as an “audiovisual service” this week. The channels that Netflix must have include the flagship channel Channel One, the entertainment network NTV, and a Russian Orthodox channel called Spas (meaning “saved”).

The register established at the end of last year includes streaming services with more than 100,000 daily users in Russia. According to reports, the registration platform must not only provide national TV channels, but also establish a Russian company. Moscow Times.

Registered companies must also comply with Russian law. On the one hand, Netflix will not be allowed to promote “extremism.” Critics claim that these terms have been used against those who support Kremlin opponents.

According to reports, other video service providers in the country believe that Netflix should be added to the registry to balance the competitive environment because it meets the requirements. The Russian version of Netflix is Operating Entertainment Online Services is a subsidiary of National Media Group, which owns shares in Channel One.

Engadget has contacted Netflix for comments.

In November, it was reported that Russia was Investigate complaints LGBTQIA+ content on Netflix. The company told Engadget that the rating of such content is appropriate.In the same month, Russia Order A number of technology giants (including Apple, Google, Meta, TikTok and Twitter) will set up offices in their territory by the end of this year.

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