Netflix unveils first trailer for queer fantasy series

Key art from Netflix's YA series First Kill, showing the two protagonists in intimate poses.

picture: Netflix

Maybe you’ve been thinking you could do it with a supernatural series watch this summer. Maybe even gay, explicitly, not just dance around it for many years.If so, then Netflix make you satisfied First kill, A supernatural series about two teens falling in love on opposite ends war between humans and vampires. Based on a short story magic shadow Author VE Schwab, the first trailer for the series was released earlier this week, and it looks like it could be a fun bash for the summer.

Forbidden romance is a fairly popular trope in urban fantasy – see Buffy or hell Take movies for example, because First kill Definitely trying to play in those similar spaces.On the one hand, we have Juliet (Sarah Catherine Hooker), a girl from an important vampire family who must now end her first life so she can truly be considered part of the family. Juliet sees a new girl in town named Calliope (Imani Lewis) and decides she’ll be a potential victim. But the plot twist is this: Calliope Comes from her own respected family of vampire hunters and also has to kill her first vampire to really join her family lifestyle.

So a romance unfolds between the killer and the monster, and it’s only a matter of time before Carl and Juliet’s family loyalty is torn apart. Their families will almost certainly be torn apart by the romance, and apparently a demon and a werewolf will be involved in the brawl? Either way, this looks like a decent enough time to hope it’s equally successful in enjoying the pleasures of its supernatural world, while also being a very gay man.

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Will Swenson, Obiang Wise and Gracie Zini, First kill It will premiere on Netflix on June 10.

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