Netflix is ​​working on live streaming

Netflix reportedly plans to stream its upcoming unscripted shows and comedy specials . Netflix told the outlet that it is in the early stages of developing the feature.

deadline It’s suggested that streaming giants could use the technology to conduct live voting for upcoming competing shows Dance 100 and air group from its annual Festivals, and other use cases. There’s no launch date for the feature yet, and only a small team within the company is reportedly in the “preliminary” stages of developing the technology. We have reached out to Netflix for comment.

Respectively, The company recently updated its Add a new section called “Artistic Expressions”. In short, this section tells potential employees that they may need to work on projects that do not align with their values.

“Not everyone will like or agree with everything on our service… Instead of letting Netflix censor a particular artist or voice, we let viewers decide what’s right for them,” the company said in the filing. “Depending on your role, you may need to produce titles that you deem harmful. If you find it difficult to support our breadth of content, Netflix may not be the best choice for you.”

Netflix tells journal Over the past 18 months, it has discussed cultural issues with employees. The company said it wrote an adjusted guide to help job seekers make “more informed decisions about whether Netflix is ​​a good fit for their company.”

The update comes after Netflix faces employee dissatisfaction over Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special. Many in the company criticized the comedian, closer Because of transphobia. Netflix’s response to events, including decisions Who allegedly shared sensitive information about the special, leading to .

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