Netflix He-Man and the Masters of the Universe first clip

Prince Adam in Netflix's Seaman and the Masters of the Universe

“On the day I held up the magic sword and said…, I discovered a magical secret power…”
Screenshot: Netflix

The first clip from Netflix Seaman and the Lord of the Universe Series (As always, don’t go with Kevin SmithRecent series Master of the Universe: Apocalypse, This is for middle-aged nerds) is here! looks great! It also looks like many other modern children’s cartoons! This is also great!

Seriously, if you like recent CG animated children’s cartoons, such as Lego Ninja, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fast and Furious: Spy Racer, Jurassic Park: Cretaceous Camp, and many more. , Seaman and the Lord of the Universe Obviously for their tone and style.According to the clip, I would say it has Completely successful.

Now, whether you think He-Man and Battle Cat trying to be in the middle of all other series is good or bad, you have to admit two things: 1) These shows are successful because they are kids who want to achieve it in 2021 This goal, for the franchise that was dreamed of 40 years ago, imitating them is a wise move; 2) Unless you are eight years old, your opinion of this series is absolutely irrelevant-Years old, in this case, you probably shouldn’t read io9. We sometimes use swear words.

Cough. Watching this clip, I suddenly realized that I don’t know who some of these characters are. Of course, Prince Adam and Evil-Lyn are obvious, but what about the others? I assume that the white-haired girl is Teela, because in the first trailer she got a psychic message from the witch (long-term fans know their connection) and she saw that she was holding a piece that seemed to come with the original The 1982 Teela action figure of the staff with no difference in weapons. As for the green villain of Evil-Lyn, I don’t know.He is obviously some kind of snake man, which leads me to believe that he is one of the snake man, except for these characters are not listed International databaseThere are two names that seem to be newly created for the series, R’Qazz and General Dolos, I absolutely don’t know, so it is probably one of them.

all in all, Seaman and the Lord of the Universe It seems to be a very good thing for your child Carnival, which might arouse their interest Enough to want to know more about the original He-Man.Then you can show them 1980s Herman and the Master of the UniverseCartoon, listen to them I beg you to turn it off, because its animation effect is very poor and very stupid, even if it is eight-age.

Which is fine!

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