Netflix actor teases new villain Weekner

The promotional image for Stranger Things 4 shows this season's antagonist, Vecna, covered in tentacles.

picture: Netflix

Although the series has had its fair share of ups and downs in previous seasons, the hype Stranger Things The forthcoming fourth season, or at least first part It is very real.with some actors out of Hawkins, Indiana It’s only a matter of time before it ends mysteriously in California or in Russia reunion Confront the New Great Evil Unless they can end it, it threatens the world.

For this new season, new villain It was Wickner, a mighty godlike lich, from Dungeons and Dragons. Throughout the series, Stranger Things No problem citing popular TTRPG, which played a key role in this new season with Vecna ​​and newcomer Eddie, research and development nerd by Joseph Quinn. Previously, Duffer Brothers hyped Vecna It’s an even scarier entity than the Demogorgons of past seasons, and at last night’s season premiere party, the cast went further in building VeThreat of CNAs.David Harbour, who plays sheriff-turned-acting father Hopper, describes him type As another horror of the series, even calling him the overall big bad the series needs.

“Upside down is a wild west world full of creatures,” Harbour admits, “but we’ve never seen anything as psychologically evil as this…eternal It’s a psychological horror that I don’t think we’ve really seen yet. ” while the hopper Does not deal directly with the Lich, and feels the presence of evil as he fights the Demogorgon who is occupying a Russian prison.

For the reasons the character is considered terrifying, he does it mostly through practical effects.Back in April, Ross Duffer emphasized the importance of practical effects for actors to really sell their horror, and the character was sculpted by prosthetic artist Barrie Gower, who previously worked on HBO’s Night King game of Thrones“It’s unparalleled,” said Jokeri, who played Steve on the show. As a fan of old horror movies and practical effects, he really enjoyed playing real Vecna ​​during filming. “No one else is doing anything like that, so as a fan of mine, I’m just freaking out.”

Priya Ferguson and Gaeten Matarazzorespectively as Erica Sinclar and Dustin Henderson promises Vecna’s debut will change the tone of the collection. “Vecna ​​is terrifying, and messy stuff Use your ideas,” Ferguson said. Matarazzo added, “he brought A whole new vibe about how we deal with our villains, and how we’ll continue to do so. ”

The first part of Stranger Things’ fourth season will hit Netflix on May 27, with part two releasing on July 1.

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