Negative investor sentiment on CoinQuora continues to rise

Solana: Negative investor sentiment continues to rise

  • (SOL) Investors are starting to bearish sentiment.
  • The co-founder shared that he has a negative view of the web.
  • Solana’s team announced on May 28 that the blockchain clock is 30 minutes behind the clock.

Solana (SOL) investors are starting to form bearish sentiment as the network slows. To add to the bearish sentiment, the co-founder of Ethereum shared his negative views on the network.

Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood recently issued a warning to altcoin holders. After $1 trillion was liquidated in the recent market crash, the price of Solana could drop again, according to the founders. In response to the market crash, popular altcoins such as Solana, , and others have experienced price drops.

Wood said in an article that…

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