Neena Gupta on playing a negative role in Dial 100

Around 2017, Neena Gupta stated on her Instagram that she did not get good roles due to age, and said that senior actors did not write many roles for them. As of today, she is almost a part of all the products we see on OTT. The actress also completely changed the rules of the game between herself and other senior actors.

Although she has been playing several light-hearted roles in comedies and family dramas, she played a negative role in the next project. Neena Gupta will appear in Dial 100, she quarrels with Manoj BajpayeeThe actress told a leading daily newspaper about the project that when she got the role, she totally rejected it. Neena Gupta said that she was not keen on playing negative roles and even said no directly before the narration. However, her manager asked her to read the script because he thought the role was interesting. “My manager persuaded me to listen to the narration and explain how the arc of the character develops. It was then that I realized that this is not a (all black) character, but a character with multiple hues,” the actress said. The daily said.

Neena Gupta further added, why she is reluctant to play a negative role, because she believes that once you play a negative role, you will be surrounded. But as she said, this one has a lot of shadows, “I didn’t get such a role when I was young. Usually, if a movie or series is popular, you will start to get similar parts. I want to know why Rensil and Siddharth P Malhotra (co-producer) thought I played such a unique role.”

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