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The Dallas Mavericks, a professional basketball team under the billionaire Mark Cuban, announced the “Mavs Cryptomania”. If they use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin to pay,’s The customer will receive an electronic gift card worth $25. The owner of Mav has always been a strong supporter of crypto assets. Mav was the first NBA team to accept Dogecoin as tickets and merchandise. customers who use cryptocurrency to pay will receive gift card rewards

Mark Cuban, The Shark Tank star and the owner of the NBA basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks, are faithful believers in crypto assets.More specifically, Elon Musk of Cuban and Tesla believes that Dogecoin (DOGE) is The “strongest” cryptocurrency for payment. Cuban told his Twitter fans that the Mavericks are Hug the dog After sales, he even Tell Popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres enters Dogecoin. When talking about holding Dogecoin, Cuban said:

For reference only, in the past month, Dogecoin Mavericks sales have increased by 550%. We have now sold more than 122k Doge products. We will never sell a single Doge. So continue to buy

Web portals Dallas Mavericks Store Use a crypto payment processor Bit payment Accept encrypted payment, store accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, USDC, GUSD, PAX, BUSD and DOGE. Now has announced “Mavericks cryptocurrency mania,” This will provide rewards for customers who pay for goods in cryptocurrency.

A $25 gift card used to buy cryptocurrency, Cubans think people miss the meaning of Dogecoin rewards provide users with a “free $25 electronic gift card for purchases with eligible cryptocurrency on” [Customers] Must spend [a] The minimum is $150 (before tax and shipping). Each transaction is limited to one e-gift card,” the website said. The reward promotion is valid from August 13, 2021 to September 30, 2021.

According to the website, the e-gift card will be sent via email “5-7 working days after the order is placed” and the card will expire at the end of the year.Cuba two weeks ago spoke Regarding the benefits of DOGE and why observers will miss out when they see the “deficiencies” of crypto assets.

“What people miss about DOGE is that DOGE’s imperfection and simplicity are its greatest strengths,” Cuban said at the time. “You can only do with it [two] Thing: spend it or HODL it. Both are easy to understand. And it’s very cheap to buy. This makes it a community that anyone can join and enjoy,” the billionaire investor added. However, Intothecryptoverse.comBenjamin Cowan disagreed with Cuban’s statement.

“You can basically replace’DOGE’ with any other altcoin, and the argument remains the same. This means that this is a somewhat weak argument,” Cowan Replied To Cuba. “DOGE’s strong argument is only influential people promoting it, which is at least something to consider,” Cowan added.

What do you think of the Mavericks offering rewards to cryptocurrency consumers who shop online? Do you agree with Mark Cuban’s views on the crypto asset Dogecoin? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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