Nats sale: Gomez, Harrison, Leicester are traded

The Washington Nationals’ last bargaining chip came into play shortly before the Friday’s trading deadline at 4pm, with receiver Yan Gomez and utility Josh Harrison heading to the Oakland Track and field team and left-handers. Jon Lester Join the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Nationals took the lead in the Eastern Conference of the National League in 7 1/2 games on Friday and began a full rebuild before the trade deadline. On Thursday, the first domino fell, when general manager Mike Rizzo agreed to bring Brad Hand closer to the Toronto Blue Jays. Then a series of trades followed, left fielder Kyle Schwab headed to the Boston Red Sox, and backup Daniel Hudson was traded to the San Diego Padres.

The blockbuster appeared on Thursday night when it was agreed to transport starter Max Scherzer and shortstop Trea Turner to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The deal was finalized shortly before the deadline on Friday.

The last bargaining chip is Gomez and Harrison’s package plan, they go to Oakland to help push the track and field team to the playoffs. These moves mark the end of the Washington championship window-for most of the past decade, the Nationals have been advancing to the playoffs, adding to the deadline rather than selling.

Although Washington once again entered the season with these expectations and plans to fight for another World Series after winning the team’s first game in 2019, the reality is quite different. Rizzo had no choice but to start over.

Harrison is an interesting trade partner for Oakland because he can play on the entire court and he has been playing very well recently. The 34-year-old player has scored 0.294 points this season, and has an on-base plus batting percentage of 0.800 points. His average shooting percentage in the past 19 games is 0.375.

Gomez just withdrew from the injury list after an oblique pull injury, but the receiver homered in the first game of the double header on Thursday. Gomez has a batting rate of 0.271 this season and has nine long shots.

In return, Washington got receiver Drew Milas and right-handers Seth Schumann and Richard Guasch. All three prospective clients played in the High-A subsidiary in Oakland.

According to the Major League Baseball pipeline, Milas ranks 28th among the track team’s 28th prospects, and the 23-year-old player has played 0.255 in 59 games. Milas was one of the three receivers the Nationals received before the deadline. Guasch’s ERA is 4.67, while Shuman’s ERA is 2.25.

In exchange for Leicester, Outfielder Ryan Thomas is returning to Washington. In 32 major league games this season, Thomas has a batting rate of 0.104. However, in Triple-A, the 25-year-old has reached 0.265.

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