NATO foreign ministers huddled together before Russia’s talks on Ukraine

Secretary of State Anthony Brinken and foreign ministers NATOThe other 29 member states will meet before a series of important diplomatic conferences on Friday. Russia Designed to try to ease the growing tension Ukraine, NATO The official said Tuesday morning.

Meeting by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is just the latest sign of the increasing urgency to solve the problem Ukraine, Rear Russia In recent months, Kiev has assembled a large-scale army and weapons on the border side, and demanded that Kiev abandon any plan to join the Western military alliance.

US intelligence agencies said that Russian President Vladimir Putin now has the power to launch a military invasion of Russia. Ukraine If he wants, within a few weeks. President Biden and EU officials vowed that if Moscow does invade, severe economic and financial sanctions will be imposed on it.

Officials from the United States, Europe, and Russia are scheduled to hold three meetings in Geneva, Brussels, and Vienna starting on January 9 to try to resolve the crisis and deal with a series of security “guarantees” requested by Putin.

Russia Claims that its military buildup is a response to increasing militarization NATO Countries and prospects on the border Ukraine Maybe other countries join NATO alliance.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Stoltenberg criticized Moscow’s recent rattling, and said that no outside country can demand a veto of who joins the alliance.

Russia Capture the Crimea Ukraine In 2014, and has been supporting the pro-Moscow separatist movement, and now controls the eastern blockbuster Ukraine And there was a fierce civil war in Kiev with Western-supported government forces.

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