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The Wren clan flies again: Lucasfilm Mandalorian get rid of After surroundingReturn of the Jedi The life of Ahsoka Tano Found another rebellious ally for the Force user.

deadline Reported that societyNatasha Liu Bordizzo will play Sabine Wren, marking Star Wars Rebels The character’s reality show debut.Ren, who is event Rebels-Set approximately 14 years before the event The Mandalorian–After going to the Imperial Academy for training, she was a Mandalorian and was excluded by her family and companions. Join the crew ghost In Lothal Rebel’s cell and dubbed all her animation performances by Tiasilka.

Little is known AsokaExcept that it will see Rosario Dawson replay her role MandalorianThe second season as a live-action interpretation The Clone Wars with Rebels Features, Former Jedi Knight As part of Fulcrum, a secret agent network, he helped in the early stages of the rebellion.The show will Also has appearance go through Attack of the clones with Revenge of the SithHayden Christensen plays Ahsoka’s former Jedi master Anakin The rumors are raging Plot clues established in the final ending Star Wars Rebels, Where Ahsoka returned to the planet Lothar to recruit Sabine to find the place where the main protagonist of the series Ezra Bridge disappeared after the climax of his homeland, as well as imperial officers (and Star wars Expansion of the universe legend) Marshal Thrawn.

Production Date Asoka, First officially announced last year Disney Investor Day Briefing side by side Mandalorian Spin-off because of alleged suspension New Republic Rangers, Scheduled to start sometime in 2022.

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