NASDAQ Stockholm lists bitcoin and ether exchange trading bills

Nasdaq Stockholm has Announce 21Shares has listed its first two physically-backed exchange-traded notes (ETN) on the Swedish trading platform.

The two tools listed, as well as Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And ether (Ethereum) As the underlying asset, it represents a new part of ETN-an unsecured debt security that tracks the stocks of major exchanges and the underlying index of transactions.

According to the announcement, the new ETN will provide investors with investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Helena Wedin, head of Nasdaq exchange-traded products Europe, said that exchange-traded bills allow people to invest in non-traditional assets while maintaining the transparency of the regulated market. She added: “We are very happy to launch this new market segment on Nasdaq Stockholm, with 21Shares as the first issuer.”

According to the press release, most traditional banks and brokers allow investors to trade all ETNs listed on NASDAQ Stockholm. This is the first time that it has opened up new possibilities for investors who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies but do not like investing in unregulated exchanges.

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The cryptocurrency market has experienced a sharp rise in valuation in the past year.Although some Recent price drop, The interest in cryptocurrency remains high.

One reason for this continued interest may be Increase institutional investment in the market. As institutional investment in cryptocurrencies increases, we may see more products (such as ETN) listed on regulated exchanges. As Cointelegraph reported in September, Wan Aike Introduction Solana (Sol) And Polkadot (point) ETN on Deutsche Börse Xetra.