NASA will provide SpaceX with more manned flights to make up for Boeing’s delays

Boeing continues Starliner delayed Prompted NASA to hedge its bets. Space news report NASA Plan to order Up to three SpaceX manned flights to ensure that the United States “uninterrupted” to the International Space Station in 2023. Crew Dragon The agency stated that this is the only system that meets partner country and security requirements within the necessary time window. In other words, if Boeing is not ready yet, NASA does not want to miss the opportunity to fly on the International Space Station.

NASA is pleased that Boeing has focused its attention on Starliner’s “Safety Exceeding Program” after postponing the second orbital test to investigate the oxidant isolation valve. However, this still leaves the government in trouble. Deputy Director Kathy Lueders said it was “critical” to get more flights now to maintain the United States’ foothold on the International Space Station.

This will not put Boeing’s space capsule in danger. NASA still needs two different crew systems to ensure redundancy, and plans to alternate between Crew Dragon and Starliner when they become available. Officials also emphasized that the deal did not prevent NASA from changing the contract to obtain more flights.

Even so, intentional purchases are a blow to Boeing. Starliner plays a key role in Boeing’s commercial space program and has unofficially proven that this transportation veteran can compete with fast-growing “newcomers” such as SpaceX in a private space race. The Crew Dragon backup plan reflects the loss of confidence in Boeing, even if the move is only temporary.

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