Nas Academy and Invisible College launch Web3 Crypto Academy accessible via Decentralien NFT

The growing appeal of Web3 and cryptocurrencies has sent shockwaves among mainstream users. Initiatives like Invisible Academy can help people better understand this new field and its opportunities. A new crypto academy has been launched in partnership with Nas Academy, which can only be accessed by holders of Decentralien NFTs.

Invisible Academy partners with Nass Academy

This Invisible Academy The project has a simple goal: to make people more aware of web3 and the many opportunities this technology represents. The process includes providing educational materials about learning, investing, and building in a web3 environment. Additionally, the team provides hands-on experience with the technology as members take ownership of their education through the Decentralien NFT collection. NFTs are essential for accessing a variety of in-depth courses, weekly events and online support.

While the Invisible Academy project has been a success, the team is always looking to the future. Its recent partnership with Nas Academy has played a crucial role in this expansion. Nas Academy is a leading technology platform where creators can build community through education. Additionally, the Nas Academy team strongly believes that content creators can become excellent teachers by sharing knowledge and engaging with a global audience.

Through a new partnership, Invisible College and Nas Academy have established the web3 Crypto Academy. A dedicated course package has been created focusing on topics ranging from NFT investing to cryptocurrency fundamentals and community building to video editing. The new college will begin its first academic year on September 1, 2022, and is open to all Invisible College members holding Decentralien NFTs. Additionally, they have access to over 18 web3 and creator courses hosted on the Nas Academy platform.

Furthermore, the web3’s crypto academy Continue to receive more content from industry experts and leading web3 instructors. There is a lot to be said, because the decentralized internet is unlike anything that has come before. Invisible College aspires to be the world’s leading Internet web3 learning library. Offering courses worth over $2,000 from day one, the new venture is off to a solid start.

New Frontiers in NFT Utilities

An often heard comment is how non-fungible tokens offer limited availability rather than speculation. While this is probably true for most collectibles, Decentraliens shows a way to enable real-world utility at any time. It requires an out-of-the-box mindset, as few expect NFTs to be “passports” to access educational content so quickly. Even so, the industry is always evolving, and those who venture into uncharted territory will explore new ideas.

Nas Academy CEO Nuseir Yassin added:

“Web3 is more than just a compelling course topic. We believe NFTs can reshape the way students consume online education and allow people to own a part of the internet. That’s why we want to partner with forward-thinking communities in the form of invisible academies. We’re excited to work together to help educate and bring the next wave of users to web3.”

Industry enthusiasts expect non-fungible tokens to become the new internet standard for content ownership. Not just for creators, but for other fields, including education. Despite the steep learning curve associated with web3 technologies today, Invisible College and Nas Academy’s approach provides valuable impetus for exploring this new field.

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