Morningstar Indexes and DIA build indexes for institutional investors

The new DIAx reference price and index provide a transparent and compliant performance measurement standard for individual digital assets and a package of digital assets, calculated by the Morningstar Index, a subsidiary of Morningstar.

day, An open source data platform for decentralized finance, together with global benchmark providers Morningstar IndexAs part of Morningstar, today announced the release of “DIAx”-a reference price and index that meets regulatory requirements, enabling investors to benchmark and acquire digital assets through traditional markets.

The DIAx series initially included benchmark reference prices and indices that measure the price of a single digital asset, including Bitcoin (DIAxBTC), day (DIAxDIA) and DIA Metaverse Index (DIAxMVI) measure the performance of a basket of tokens representing companies that build Metaverse technology. Over time, the series will expand to include other digital asset baskets and other measures, such as digital asset volatility. Each price and index is designed to enable traditional investors to enter the digital asset space safely and frictionlessly. The DIAx reference price source complies with the IOSCO financial benchmark principles and the UK and EU benchmark regulations.

Accurate and transparent price information

DIA obtains price data from a series of trading-level digital asset exchanges to provide data for index calculation. After a centralized verification and security process, centralized exchanges such as Coinbase provide transaction data directly from internal servers through dedicated APIs. In contrast, decentralized exchanges like Uniswap support transactions through peer-to-peer transactions, which are publicly calculated, stored, and verified on the blockchain. The DIAx index uses these two data types to provide comprehensive price calculations, which fully reflect the decentralized digital asset trading space. The source and calculation method of the basic data source of the DIAx index are completely transparent and open source.

The bridge to the digital asset market

The digital asset market, currently estimated at US$2.9 trillion, continues to grow. In recent years, the rapid expansion of this new asset class has attracted more and more attention and interest from regulators and traditional investment institutions, who have created investment products for use by non-encrypted local target groups. Digital asset benchmarks will be one of the key components in the creation of these bridges because they enable regulated access to digital assets.

“In the past two years, decentralized financial applications have shown that they can attract capital and provide value. Although we have seen very strong growth, the market size is still small compared to the traditional financial space.” Said Michael Weber, the founder of DIA. “Products like DIAx enable funds to flow into the digital asset space in a safe and regulated manner. We are happy to partner with Morningstar Indexes to provide their benchmark expertise. “

“We are very happy to work with DIA to help them provide high-quality and efficient tools to allow investors to enter a wide range of markets, from mature to emerging fields such as digital assets,” said Tobias Sproehnle, head of Morningstar Europe Index.

About DIA

DIA (Decentralized Information Assets) is the open source data and oracle platform of the DeFi ecosystem. DIA uses cryptoeconomic incentives to promote the supply, sharing, and use of transparent, crowd-verified price data, as well as financial and digital asset oracles.


About Morningstar Index

Morningstar Indexes aims to meet the changing needs of investors and become their leading advocates. Our rich heritage as a transparent, investor-centric leader in the field of data and research allows us to support individuals, institutions, wealth management institutions and advisors to seize investment opportunities in all major asset classes, styles and strategies. From using traditional benchmarks to assess risks and returns to helping investors effectively incorporate ESG goals into their investment processes, our index solutions cover the investor’s own diversified investment environment. We help investors answer today’s increasingly complex questions so that they can more easily achieve tomorrow’s goals.

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