More than 20 migrants fear drowning in the worst tragedy in the Strait

The Minister of the Interior of France stated that many immigrants drowned while trying to cross the English Channel to the United Kingdom. There are reports that in the most serious incident to date, more than 20 people were killed as a result of the secret boat crossing the border.

Gerald Damanen wrote On Twitter, a ship full of migrants capsized in the English Channel, and the disaster that caused “multiple deaths” made him “shocked.”

He wrote: “We will always condemn the criminal acts of the smugglers who organized these border crossings,” adding that he was on his way to the scene.

French news agency Agence France-Presse said that the police had informed that more than 20 immigrants had died.

This will be the most serious tragedy, because about three years ago, the boat crossing became an important means of secret immigration to the UK.The single most serious incident in the past involved Drowning Last October, among four members of an Iranian Kurdish family near Calais.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex called the overthrow a tragedy. “My heart is with the dead and the wounded. They are victims of criminal gangs and they take advantage of their pain and suffering,” he said.

Downing Street stated that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair an emergency COBR committee meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the situation in the English Channel.

The number of people applying for asylum in the UK after crossing the English Channel has reached So far this year 25,700, Which is more than three times the total of 8,469 in 2020.

There are many reports of personal deaths. French officials reported over the weekend that since the beginning of this year, 31,500 immigrants have left the French coast for the UK. Of these, 7,800 were rescued, and 7 died or were missing.

Two helicopters, one from France, one from Britain, and three French ships are participating in continuous rescue operations.

French officials said that the crew of a fishing boat saw someone in the Dover-Calais Strait and informed them of the disaster.

Smugglers started using larger inflatable boats this year to load more migrants into a border crossing. They also began to set off from wider beaches to send migrants to longer and more dangerous border crossings to evade attempts by the French authorities to stop them.

Immigration in small boats has replaced the secret methods of reaching the UK before, such as hiding in a truck, because the scrutiny of these routes has been strengthened.

On Wednesday, the weather in the strait was very calm, with many small boats passing by.

A steady stream of British border guards are unloading men, women and children who have arrived in Dover. A large inflatable boat equipped with a small hand pump to keep it inflated was also taken ashore.

Additional reporting by Sebastian Payne

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