Modder Crams A Nintendo DS Inside A Gameboy, Cause Why Not : gadgets

This is so random, but when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, my school had an event where all students with perfect attendance would be entered into a drawing for prizes. I was one of the lucky few who won, and I ended up snagging a free Game Boy Advance SP!

I played the thing non-stop for years. Metroid Fusion, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Pokemon Gold or Leaf Green, Golden Sun, this jank Yugioh game, my childhood really was in that thing. I ended up losing it in a move, and I was absolutely devastated.

Flash forward over a decade, and I open a box containing my mother’s Christmas tree (of all things) and there it was! A little scratched up, but otherwise good as new! Still booted up and everything. Pokémon Gold in the cartridge. It was a Christmas miracle like you wouldn’t believe. Absolutely blew me away that it still turned on after 14 or so years stored in a box in a garage. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

It might be nostalgia in my case, but the SP is GOATed, I don’t even care.

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