Minecraft’s big wilds update is coming on June 7

It took a few months, but my world wild update Coming. Mojang and Microsoft are freed The Wild launches on June 7 on all platforms, and it’s still as expansive as promised. The refresh adds two biomes, a mangrove swamp and a “deep darkness” that hides evil creatures (such as screamers and watchmen) and special resources. You can also drive a boat with crates so you don’t need to leave supplies behind when you cross the lake.

The upgrade also adds a mud block (naturally made of dirt and water), a crowd-voted item collector mob (allay), and a frog that grows out of a tadpole. If it attacks lava, it even produces “frog lights”.

The debut comes some time after Mojang had to rethink its expansion strategy.The dark biome was originally intended to appear in 2021, but was folded into the wilderness as the developers struggled with the size of its two parts Caves and Cliffs Update. Although this is not surprising my world The team wants to keep its game relevant more than a decade after its release, and the timeline suggests it might be a little too eager to please.

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