Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is now $40 off

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If you still want to give yourself some gifts after the holiday, Microsoft has lowered the prices of its high-end products Xbox Elite Series 2 controller To 140 dollars.This is almost the same as $135 on Black FridayIn case you missed the promotion in late November. Usually $180, the highly customizable Elite Series 2 is positioned as an upgrade for avid gamers. It has a series of advanced features, including a set of six adjustable tension thumbsticks, four paddles, two arrow keys, and a shorter Trigger lock, rubber wrap-around grip, a carrying case, and up to three custom profiles-this will be a handy thing if your attention is usually divided between several headlines.

In terms of battery life, the wireless playback time of the handle is 40 hours. In addition to the charging box, there is also a charging dock in the package. In addition to wireless connection via Bluetooth, you can also choose to plug in a USB-C cable. Either way, the controller is compatible not only with Xbox games, but also with PC games.

If you have been following Series 2, it is worth noting that we don’t often see it discounted. In fact, the inventory itself seems to be low now-at the time of writing, Amazon doesn’t even have Series 2 inventory, so Microsoft has no inventory at all, let alone close to the price of Black Friday, which seems very eye-catching.

Buy Elite Series 2 at Microsoft-$140

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