Microsoft Surface Duo 2: specifications, price, release date

Two ten months ago, Microsoft announced its long-developed dual-screen device called Surface Duo. No one buys it.

But in fact, it’s not. Someone did buy it. But mobile devices are constrained by faulty software and Microsoft’s dizzying product assortment. Panos Panay, the company’s product manager, declined to call it a mobile phone, even though it runs on Android and can make calls. He firmly believes that a portable device that runs multiple applications on two separate screens will put people into a trance working state.

But Microsoft has been iterating, because a company with a market value of trillions of dollars can afford it, and now it has produced the next version of the phone, the Surface Duo 2. It should start shipping in a month, and its price tag is already a big mobile phone energy: $1,499. There is no doubt that it is also a mobile phone. Microsoft is willing to admit this fact this time.The new Duo even supports 5G.

Surface Duo 2 was also advertised as something that the original non-mobile phone did not have: an interesting phone.When the class is showing off First pair, He talked countless times about “following the flow”, as if writing long e-mails is all of life. Then, in August 2020, when it was actually launched, Duo’s background changed. It is no longer just a work device, but a work-at-home device. You can still reply to emails above, but you can also search for bread recipes or watch Netflix at the same time. (You said more screen time? Here is two screens combined into one.)

Now, the new Surface Duo 2 is available for telephone thing. Most notably, it has a rear camera module on the back. The first Surface Duo only had a front camera, and you had to turn it back to use it like a rear camera. The rear module of Surface Duo 2 is a cumbersome thing, but it has the three cameras you want in modern phones: a wide-angle camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera, and a telephoto camera. Its front camera has also been slightly improved. When you take a photo with Surface Duo 2, you can use one screen as a viewfinder and the other to display the photo you just took. Want to edit your photos instantly? One screen is your color palette, and the other screen becomes a huge panel for adjusting brightness, exposure, and contrast. Swipe to browse and you can access another 15 photo editing options on the same page.

When the Surface Duo 2 ships, it will run Android 11, Just like last time, some key Microsoft Office applications have been optimized for split screen. But who really needs to spend more time on email? ! Use it for casual games: One touch screen displays the game, and the other touch screen becomes the controller. In the pre-release demo, a middle-aged male vice president of Microsoft showed me how TikTok is optimized for Surface Duo 2. (He waived any responsibility for any content displayed on the For You page of the app. Fortunately for both, the first video among us was a cat video.)

The hardware of Surface Duo 2 has also been updated. It is a little thicker than last year’s Duo. This is partly because it is supported by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 5G chip platform, and 5G modems require more space. But the corners of Duo 2 are slightly rounded, and the dual-display glass back panel feels cool and stylish.Feel like a Small tablet, If there is a huge seam in the middle of the iPad Mini and folded in half. And run Android.

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