Microsoft fixed a Y2K style bug that would corrupt Exchange email

Microsoft will flash back from 2022 Millennium bug. Beep computer Report The company has Released Temporarily fixed a bug that disrupted the email delivery of local Exchange 2016 and 2019 servers on New Year’s Day. As users have discovered, Exchange is trying to store the version date check of its antivirus scanning engine in a 32-bit integer variable-when any date after January 1, 2022 is too large, this is a big problem. Any new checks will crash the malware engine and cause emails to get stuck in the queue.

Emergency repair: Use PowerShell scripts to suspend two services, replace the old antivirus engine files with new files that use the new numbering sequence, and then restart the operation. The fix requires manual input, which may take a long time to implement for larger companies, but an automated solution is under development.

This should not affect other Exchange customers. This timing is also “ideal” because weekends and holidays may limit the demand for email. However, company IT managers may not want to start patching servers in 2022, and it is not clear why Microsoft did not foresee a date issue with software released a few years ago. Regardless of the reasoning, this is a clear lesson about the wrong forecast date.

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