Metaverse Protocol OVER Teams Up With Sandbox for Unique Treasure Hunt

OVER, a decentralized metaverse platform offering hyper-realistic AR/VR experiences, has revealed a partnership with The Sandbox to launch a unique rewards program for their community.

This development continues the growing relationship between the two platforms.Recall that OVER enables a cross-platform experience for its users Sandbox Ecosystem in April.

This update enables Sandbox users to control their NFTs on OVER and invite their friends to events without leaving the OVER app. This latest partnership goes a step further as Sandbox users can participate in the hunt by collecting digital assets around Manhattan, New York from June 20-24.

Under the terms of the treasure hunt, interested participants must download the OVER app and begin their quest to collect sandboxes around Manhattan for rewards. There will be a leaderboard that tracks participant activity and the top 5 hunters are eligible for rewards. Rewards range from $2,500 sand for the fastest hunter to $500 for the fifth-place hunter.

Additionally, participants can share their hunting experiences on Twitter and earn rewards through video contests. The top 3 videos with the most likes will get SAND worth $1250, $750 and $500 respectively. NFT hunters need to follow Exceed and Sandbox On Twitter, be eligible for rewards from video contests.

OVER continues to make significant progress

Exceed Since its launch in 2020, it has become one of the fastest growing blockchain projects. It is a community-owned blockchain ecosystem that allows users to go deep into Metaverse and experience VR and AR experiences through smart glasses or mobile devices.

What sets it apart from other products is that it intends to establish a new standard for augmented reality in the crypto ecosystem. To achieve this, it employs an open-source model where community members contribute to its development, making it truly decentralized.

Additionally, OVER uses NFTs to create value for users and act as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Since its launch, OVER has provided users with immersive activities and NFT treasure hunts at unique locations and landmarks within its Metaverse.

OVER is also strategically positioned through a partnership with Sandbox, one of the largest and most influential Metaverse and NFT ecosystems.

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