Metaverse Network based on aelf blockchain

As Facebook changed its name to META, the world’s interest in Metaverse Concept GameFi projects has surged, such as Decentraland, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Illuvium, etc. The conceptual land has brought an infinitely broad market to the construction of blockchain infrastructure. At the same time, the public chain is bound to usher in tremendous changes in the dimensions of performance, security, privacy, and ease of use.

Takes a long time, Elves It is the best-performing and secure blockchain cloud infrastructure. In the following three aspects, aelf is likely to stand out on the public chain track.

aelf mainnet performance

Elves An open source blockchain network driven by the cloud has been developed and designed as a multi-level side chain structure to achieve unlimited scalability on the road to a decentralized future. With this platform, users can access a single solution to break industry bottlenecks, including performance and cross-chain functionality. When considering performance, the platform sets each node in the network as its own cloud computing center. Combined with a multi-level side chain structure, each node obtains unlimited scalability. Currently, aelf Enterprise is close to 35k TPS per side chain.

With the continuous development of Metaverse, the number of users and transactions on the chain will exceed today’s hundreds of times. This requires strong public chain performance, and aelf meets these requirements.

Interoperability of side chains

The future of Metaverse must be an integrated universe, and public chains need to be connected to each other. Since the innovation of blockchain technology, the exclusive public chain has been launched and communication channels have been blocked. In other words, most of the current projects are isolated islands.

aelf invited his oracle to solve this problem. aelf’s versatile oracle helps connect off-chain and on-chain, and the mesh network structure creates two-way communication between public chains. The combined plan aims to break down technical barriers and solve industry pain points. We are working hard to provide our global users with a well-performing and easy-to-use blockchain system.

A humanized development framework-aelf Enterprise

aelf focuses on improving the user experience of the development framework aelf Enterprise. The framework includes modules such as consensus mechanism, communication protocol, and smart contract. With the help of aelf Enterprise, developers can quickly build a complete blockchain and easily access the aelf ecology, with low learning costs and time costs. In this way, developers will get a larger technology display space, and they will be able to obtain ecological assistance from other projects in the aelf ecosystem, such as AMM, Lending, NFT, etc.

Emphasizing its mission to promote the development of the blockchain field, aelf is organizing a large-scale hackathon called Top of OASIS with a focus on Metaverse. The Top of OASIS Hackathon aims to support early projects and ideas from the open source developer community, while increasing the diversity of the aelf developer community, helping projects grow and eventually join the aelf ecosystem.

Although the hackathon can be anything that NFT, DeFi, DAO or Web 3.0 focuses on, aelf is guiding its participants to build GameFi and Metaverse related projects.This event You can see it here.

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